1. An individual’s attendance and participation in the 2022 Hancock County Fair is at his or her own risk.
  2. The Hancock County Fair opens Wednesday, July 20, 2022, and continues through Saturday July 23, 2022
  3. Must have GFCI on all trailers and campers that are using our power source.
  4. Domestic Arts and FFA projects will be accepted on Wednesday, July 20, 2022 from 3:00 to 8:00 pm
  5. No Livestock exhibitor will be allowed to win more than two premiums in any one class.
  6. No Domestic Arts exhibitor will be allowed to win more than one entry per class.
  7. All fees, including stall and pen fees and entry fees, must be paid at the time of entry
  8. All exhibitors (including Livestock) must purchase an exhibitor pass for $20, Livestock helpers may purchase a pass for $18.
  9. Arrival and release times for exhibits are listed in their respective departments.
  10. All livestock competing in purebred classes must have their registration papers available for inspection.
  11. The Hancock County Fair Association reserves the right to withdraw any class or classes for cause.
  12. Livestock exhibitors must have their animals ready for their show 15 minutes before the announced show time.
  13. Superintendents and Fair Association Officers have full control and will decide any questions arising in their respective departments; each Superintendent has control over exhibits in his or her department.
  14. Judges’ decisions are final; exhibitors may be barred from competition for arguing with a judge or trying to influence a judge’s decision.
  15. The Hancock County Fair Association will not be responsible for damage, loss or accidents to exhibitors; every precaution will be taken to insure the safety of all exhibits.
  16. No one is allowed to drive a vehicle on the grounds without a valid drivers license. No golf carts or utility vehicles on grounds, except for vendors.

Premiums Offered

(Premiums paid subject to available state funding)

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  • A$12,345.00
  • F$6,734.00
  • G$2,500.00
  • H$1,020.00
  • J$720.00
  • L$520.00
  • M$1979.50
  • N$300.0
  • O$786.00
  • P$525.00
  • Q$3,000.00
  • R$1,125.00
  • V1$502.50
  • Z$3,000.00
GRAND TOTAL……………..$35,057.00


Phone 217-392-2524  Fax : 217-392-2477

From July 17th through July 24th

No Gray Water Dumping on fairgrounds.

Meyer’s Driveway & Septic Service will be available for pumping at 7:00 a.m. each day.

It is $20 per time CASH ONLY.

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