Exhibition General Requirements

  1. Exhibitors are required to familiarize themselves with all rules applicable to their exhibits.
  2. All out-of-state animals shall require an entry permit. Permits are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling (217) 782-4944.
  3. All animals, except as noted, shall be accompanied by a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) which shows that the animal meets all health requirements for the State of Illinois. CVI’s shall be made available to Bureau of Animal Health Personnel on request. CVI means a legible record made on an official form from the state of origin which has been issued, signed and dated by an accredited veterinarian and which shows the name and address of the animal’s owner or exhibitor and the results of all required tests or vaccinations. A CVI shall list only one animal identification per line; shall be presented on the form on which it was initially issued; and shall not be corrected, changed or altered in any manner.
  4. All animals shall be officially identified. The animal(s) official identification shall be recorded on the CVI.
  5. If animals are from tuberculosis accredited, brucellosis certified, pseudorabies qualified, or brucellosis validated herds, the identifying herd number(s) along with the date of the last herd test(s) shall appear on the CVI.
  6. CVI for out-of-state livestock shall be void thirty (30) days after issuance.
  7. CVI for Illinois-origin livestock shall be void ninety (90) days after issuance.
  8. All livestock shall be subject to examination upon entry to any Illinois fair or exhibition. Any animal showing evidence of infectious, contagious or communicable diseases shall be immediately withdrawn and held in quarantine at the owner’s risk and expense until properly treated and recovered, or until the animal is released to return to the owner’s premise. Any livestock infected with scabies, mange, active lesions of ringworm, sore mouth, or multiple warts which are easily visible without close examination shall not be permitted to exhibit and are subject to quarantine or removal from the fairgrounds. Sheep and goats with caseous lymphadenitis as evidenced by draining abscesses shall not be exhibited and are subject to immediate quarantine or removal from the fairgrounds.
  9. Illinois Department of Agriculture personnel or designee may collect blood, tissue, milk or urine samples from any animal being exhibited and/or raced at any Illinois fair to test for the presence of illegal drugs or banned substances. New examination techniques, such as ultrasound, may also be used at anytime while the animals are on the grounds of any Illinois fair or exhibit. The Illinois Department of Agriculture or designee may collect urine, blood, tissue or other test samples from exhibition animals at the time of slaughter.
  10. All exhibitors of animals at any Illinois fair or exhibition shall comply with the provisions of the Illinois Humane Care for Animals Act. If violations are observed, the animals(s) will be excused from exhibition and ordered removed from the grounds with all awards being forfeited. Any practice or deviation from normal, accepted care, including physical, medical or mechanical application, shall constitute a violation of show rules and may result in the animal(s) disqualification and removal from the fairgrounds.
  11. Any Illinois cattle, bison, cervidae or goats being exhibited in non-accredited free states must be isolated from the remainder of the herd/flock upon return to Illinois and retested for tuberculosis 60-120 days post-entry.



Individual identification of each animal shall be either a fully healed and legible tattoo, official metal ear tag, registration number (can only be used if the tattoo is recorded on the registration certificate or for breeds where pictures are acceptable), or individual brands, if brand is recorded on the registration certificate.

Illinois Cattle


Illinois is a Bovine Brucellosis Class-Free State. Brucellosis testing is not required for Illinois cattle.


Illinois is an Accredited Tuberculosis- Free State. Tuberculin testing is not required for Illinois cattle.

Please note: Illinois calves under 6 months of age, and Illinois steers are not required to have a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection.

Out-of-State-Cattle Permit

  1. All out-of-state cattle are to be accompanied by an entry permit.
  2. Permits are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling (217) 782-4944.
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