Side by side races, double elimination
4X4 Trucks & Side by Sides
*100% Pay Back*


  • Side by Sides-$20
  • Street Diesel-$25
  • Factory Stock-$25
  • Stock-$25
  • Altered Stock-$30
  • Super Stock-$30
  • Modified-$30
  • Consistency-$10

Race Dates

  • Saturday May 25
    • Tech time 12:00-2:00 pm
    • Race 3:00pm
  • Friday July 19 (Hancock County Fair)
    • Tech time 3:00-5:30 pm
    • Race 6:00pm
    • Added Money for payouts

Contact Information: Trucks- Jon Cooper 309-333-9849/Side by Sides: Chad Bostic 309-795-7397

Rules can be found on Hancock County Fair Facebook Page

Please read all rules entirely. As we all know rules and class names vary from truck to track.

These rules will be enforced as written.


  • Fire Extinguisher and Fuel Cells Highly recommended in every class except Factory Stock.
  • Battery may be relocated as long as in approved battery box.
  • Must be 16 with parental consent to race.
  • Seatbelts and helmets required in all classes.
  • Racing seats and harnesses recommended in all classes except factory stock.
  • Drive shaft loops recommended in all classes.
  • Techs to deem all entries safe to race.
  • No taunting of other drivers – any driver guilty of this will forfeit all winnings and points for the day and be asked to leave the premises.
  • Absolutely No drinking by drivers – anyone caught drinking prior to a race or caught with containers in a race vehicle will forfeit all winnings,
  • Driver and ONE (1) pitman only allowed at the vehicle during tech. No other spectators or drivers allowed.
  • Beds must be cleared of all debris prior to racing. Any trash lost during a race will result in a loss for the driver,
  • Only ONE (1) entry per driver per class.
  • Only ONE (1) driver per entry per class.
  • No passengers allowed in any class.
  • Arguing with techs/officials will not be tolerated.
  • Any participant or spectator engaged in fighting will be asked to leave the premises.
  • No glass containers
  • No pets
  • No BBQ grills. We reserve the right to refuse any entry to a class.

Any part that is not easily discernible as to whether it is factory/oem or aftermarket, will be
deemed aftermarket. Burden of proof that the part is factory/oem is on the driver.



Altered Stock Class is intended for trucks and Jeeps that have been
slightly modified for competition but still utilize mostly stock
components. Engine swaps allowed, but framed must be correct for Body.


1. Stock steel or OEM equivalent street weight fiberglass body {minimal cutting allowed only for
tire clearance and headers)
2. Wheel base cannot be extended – must match body
3. Firewall can be reshaped minimally, but not cut/relocated
4. Must retain factory floor pan
5. Flatbeds must meet tech approval (must be same width as cab, extend to rear most part of
frame and be substantial enough to carry cargo
6. Must retain stock glass
7. Headlights or taillights required
8. Front bumper required
9. No interior gutting
10. Must have minimum 2 seats and one securely mounted
11. Must have master kill switch at back of bed, must kill ignition and fuel pump
12. Must have 5 point safety harness


1. Full uncut factory frame front to rear (must retain 2 stock cross member but can
2. Minimum 4 point roll cage required all 4 points must go to frame or plate steel inside and outside
of cab bolted together
3. Suspension must be stock pickup design
4. Ladder bars allowed
5. No 4 link,3 link, floaters or coil over shocks
6. Any stock front and rear differentials allowed
7. Any stock transfer case allowed
8. Radiator must be located in front of engine
9. Transmission modifications allowed
10. No trans brakes
11. 4 wheel brakes, dual master cylinder required
12. Unaltered DOT approved tires – no cuts

13. No sliding leaf springs
1. Must pull steady 14″ vacuum at 850 rpm
2. No vacuum pumps allowed
3. Engine must be located in approximate stock location. Firewall dictate engine location
4. No aluminum engine blocks or heads
5. Single gas carburetor
6. OEM fuel injection only
7. Aluminum intake only (no tunnel rams or sheet metal intakes)
8. Open headers allowed – no uprights
9. No nitrous or alcohol
10. No vacuum cans


Super Stock Class is intended for trucks and Jeeps that have been slightly modified for competition but still utilize mostly stock components. They should appear street able. Any engine, frame, body combination allowed.


1. Stock steel or OEM street wei8ht equivalent fiberglass body. Fender cutting will be permitted for
tire and header clearance.
2. Front inner fender wells may be removed.
3. Tailgate may be removed.
4. Full steel cab, doors and bed must be retained
5. Body must match wheelbase
6. Must retain factory floor pan
7. Flatbeds must meet tech approval. Gutting of factory beds not permitted
8. Windshield and permanent side glass required (lexan or equivalent acceptable) rear window
may be removed for roll cage clearance
9. Firewall may be modified (but not replaced) for engine clearance only (i.e. engine or body
10. Headlights and taillights not required
11. Bumpers and mirrors not required
12. Minor interior gutting allowed. Removal of stock seat, headliner, door panels, and other trim
13. Stock dash may be replaced with custom dash
14. Race seat allowed with addition of a SFI approved 5 point safety harness
15. Driver must sit in stock location
16. Hood required to run
17. Master kill switch back of bed, must kill ignition and fuel pump

1. Any unmodified OEM or OEM replacement frame
2. Must retain two (2) stock cross members but may be relocated (unused brackets and cross members may be removed at the discretion of the builder)
3. 4 point roll cage recommended
4. Rear suspension must be leaf-spring unless equipped otherwise from the factory.
5. Ladder bars allowed – no 4 link or 3 link
6. Front suspension may be leaf-spring, coil & radius or IFS
7. No coil over shocks
8. Leaf-spring vehicles must have at least one (11 functional leaf spring at each corner
9. Floaters/sliders are permitted
10. Any stock front and rear differentials allowed
11. Any stock transfer case allowed
12. Fuel cell and battery may be relocated
13. Radiator must be in front ofthe engine
14. Transmission modifications allowed
15. Trans brakes allowed
16. 4 wheel brakes, dual master cylinder required
17. Unaltered DOT tires – no cuts

1. Any factory style automotive engine (no aluminum blocks allowed with the
exception of oEM installed aluminum engines)
2. Engine must be located in approximate stock location based on firewall location
3. Aluminum heads allowed
4. Any single gas carburetor allowed. No stretched or split carbs
5. OEM fuel injection only
6. Aluminum intake only (no tunnel rams or sheet metal intakesl
7. Vacuum pumps and dry sumps allowed
8. Open headers are allowed
9. No nitrous or alcohol
10. No turbos or superchargers (factory installed OEM turbos permitted on diesels)


Modified Class is for highly modified stock appearing, four wheel drive, race vehicles.
Altered frames, race bodies and high performance race engine allowed.

1. Any Style jeep or truck body allowed – must be recognizable
2. Fenders and roof must be retained if originally equipped
3. No narrowing of the body from the back of the cab (driver compartment) forward
4. Narrowing of bobbing of rear quarter panels allowed for tire clearance
a. Rear quarter panels must extend a minimum of 12″ behind the cab if not narrowed
b. lf narrowed must extend to the end of the frame
5. Body must extend to and cover all front engine components
6. A firewall and floor pan must be present protecting driver from engine and driveline
a. Minimum 16 Ba. Steel or.060 aluminum (120 recommended) aluminum required
b. Firewall will extend from door to door and from the floor pan to base of windshield
c. Floor pan will extend from door to door and front of cab or tub to rear of cab or tub (NOTE: floor pan and firewall shall be securely attached to each other and to the frame work of the chassis)
7. Center seat is acceptable – must be located no more than 84″ from the center of the front axle
to the bottom of the seat back
8. Windshield not required
9. 5 point safety harness required
10. Master kill switch at back of bed, must kill ignition and fuel pump

1. Main frame rails can be constructed from a minimum of 2×3 rectangular tubing and
must be a minimum of .080 wall thickness.
2. No round tubing or ladder style frames allowed
3. Minimum 8 point cage allowed, 4 points must go to frame or plate steel on inside and outside of cab
bolted together
4. Any type suspension allowed
5. Any style OEM or aftermarket chain or gear drive transfer sets allowed
6. Dual independent master cylinder brake system required
7. Four independent wheel brake required
8. DOT tires with alterations – cuts allowed
9. 3000 lbs big block, 2700 lbs small block
10. Maximum wheelbase 130″

1. Any automotive type engine acceptable
2. Engine must be located with #1 spark plug no more than 12″ behind the center of the front axle
3. Big block aluminum engine blocks not permitted
4. Small block aluminum engine blocks allowed
5. Any type of cylinder head and intake manifold allowed
6. Maximum of 4 barrels of carburetion with a maximum of two (2) fuel bowls (split and stretched Dominators allowed, single Predator only)
7. Vacuum pumps and dry sump allowed
8. Racing gas or E85 fuel only (no methanol, ethanol or nitro methane allowed)
9. No power fuel additives allowed


1. Open to Factory Stock trucks only
2. 4 truck minimum


1. DOT Tires-no cuts
2. NO NOS-No Propane
3. Must have stock appearing turbo
4. Must wear seatbelt and helmet
5. Must have full body/flat bed is ok
6. Truck body and chassis must be a diesel truck


1. 2 passes – one in each lane. You want the closest time you can do.
2. Any truck can run this class
3. You don’t have to be fast to win just 2 consistent passes
4. No rails
5. No power adders- Nos, turbo, superchargers, etc.

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