1:00pm Friday – SHOW OFFICE OPENS

3:00 – 5-15 – Exhibitions ($4.00 Each, 60 second time limit)
exhibitions will be sold on site only, no pre-reserves.

5:15pm-Pee Wee Barrels ($5 ef)
(Riders are not eligible to ride in other classes)

*6:00 pm – Mike Menn Memorial 2D Barrel Futurity Class
Sponsored by Renea Bolling of Double B Productions and
the Hancock County Fair
(Horses 5 and under that have not completed prior to December 1, 2018 are eligible)
$50 EF, Full Second Splits
Buckle will be awarded to the 1D Winner

$2000 ADDED MONEY OPEN 4D ($30 ef)
(Open entries may carry-over into Adult 4D)
(Carry over to the adult must be declared before the open starts)
Following Open 4D
$1000 ADDED MONEY ADULT 4D ($20 ef)


$3750 ADDED $$

4D payout format (1/2 second splits)

75% Jackpot of Entry Fee
100% payout of added money

$10 per person gate admission

No corrals in the tie-out area. No horses allowed in the buildings.

Health papers with Illinois Livestock Entry
Entry Permits are required for out of state horses.
All horses on the grounds must have current coggins papers.

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